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About Us
Established in 2001 by private art dealer Jose Zelaya, Arte del Pueblo specializes in Caribbean and Latin American art. For over 20 years, Jose Zelaya has worked closely with many early promoters of Haitian art in New York, including Gloria Frank (Gloria Frank D'Haiti), Carol Rodman and Leon Sevilla (Sevilla Art Studio).

Today Arte del Pueblo represents the most prominent collections of Haitian art in North America. We specialize in early Centre d'Art paintings (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) from 1944 to the 1950's.

Arte del Pueblo offers important and well-documented Haitian paintings that have been widely exhibited in the United States and Europe. Many of these paintings are illustrated in prominent reference books on Haitian art, including:

Where Art is Joy (Selden Rodman)
The Brooklyn Museum (Ute Stebich)
Kunst Aus Haiti (Jaeger)
Island on Fire (Demme)
Three Visions (Demme)

As a dealership specializing in vintage Haitian art, Arte del Pueblo serves as an important art source to collectors from around the world.

Arte del Pueblo is currently offering a rare group of paintings by Hector Hyppolite (Painter and Vodou priest), who captured the imagination of French poet and writer Andre Breton. Following a 1945 trip to Haiti when he accompanied the Cuban painter Wilfredo Lam, Breton returned to Paris with several Hyppolite paintings that he exhibited throughout Europe.

In addition to Haiti, Arte del Pueblo promotes notable contemporary artists from the Caribbean and Latin America.

In May 2013, Arte del Pueblo has launched an exclusive offering of Outsider, Intuitive and Self-taught art from around the world (with an emphasis on American Folk and Outsider painters, including Europe):

Haiti: Gesner Abelard, Gabriel Alix, Toussaint Auguste, Castera Bazile, Rigaud Benoit, Wilson Bigaud, Prefete Duffaut, Levoy Exil, Jacques Enguerrand Gourgue, Alexander Gregoire, Gerard (Fortune), Hector Hyppolite, Jean Jean-Baptiste, Edger Jean-Baptiste, Joseph Jean-Laurent, Jasmin Joseph, Pierre Joseph-Valcin, Wenser LaForest, Gabriel Leveque, Adam Leontus, Georges Liautaud, Andre Normil, Antoine Obin, Philome Obin, Seneque Obin, Telemaque Obin, Salnave Philippe-Auguste, Andre Pierre, Odilon Pierre, Ernst Prophete, Micius Stephane, Louisiane St.Fleurent, Gerard Valcin, Pauleus Vital

Jamaica: Evadney Cruickshank, Raz Dizzy, William (Woody) Joseph, Sylvester Woods, Mallica (Kapo) Reynolds, Allan Zion

American Southern, Folk And Outsider Art: Felipe Archuleta, Jerry Brown, Burgess Dullany, Minnie Evans, Bessie Harvey, Charlie (Tin Man) Lucas, Justin McCarthy, Benjamin Franklin Perkins, Prophet Royal Robertson, Sulton Rogers, Mose Tolliver, O.L. Samuels, Jack Savitsky, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Willie White, George Williams, Jim Warren

Europe Naif & Brut Art: Minna Ennulat, Katarzyna Gawlowa, Anna Kiss, Nikifor, Johann Hauser, Leonid Purygin, Ondrej Steberl, Maria Wnek

Grenadines: Canute Caliste

Bahamas: Amos Ferguson

Mexico: Modesto Bernardo, Felipe Morales, Manuel Jimenez, Marcial Camilo Ayala,

Honduras: Jose Antonio Velasquez

Nicaragua: Eduardo Arburola, Manuel Garcia, Efren Medina, Armando Morales, Hilda Vogl

Cuba: Eduardo Abela, Vincente Bonachea, Flora Fong, Jose Fuster, Alicia Leal, Jorge Porto, Manuel Mendive, Ernesto Rancano


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